Small businesses deserve to succeed on the island.


SCFI Martha's Vineyard is the business advisory and consulting firm that helps small local businesses succeed through creative investments and smart promotional strategies. No large upfront costs, just good advice and on-the-ground support to help you grow. 



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More than just advisors.


When partnering with a local business, we take the relationship seriously. In addition to providing your team with best practices for marketing, promotion, hiring, and growth -- we put in the extra hours to put that plan into action.



Antone Dias


A 4th generation islander, Antone Dias is owner and founder of Eclipse, the Vineyard's most successful mobile wellness service provider. He founded the company in 2006, with the vision of providing a world-class, mobile healing practice to residents and visitors of Martha’s Vineyard across modalities: massage, yoga, personal training and innovative water relaxation experiences like boat charters and retreats.


Mercy Bell


Website designer, world class sister. A graduate of Stanford University and Harvard's SVM Program, Mercy has worked as a technology advisor and growth expert for the last 7 years.