About the ColorUp Team


Mercy Bell

Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity,  Stanford University (2012)

Mentor Coach, Accomplishment Coaching - New York City

The data shows that 3% of the companies on 2017’s Fortune 500 offer 100% transparency on their workforce demographics. As reported  72% of the senior executives at those 16 companies were white men.

My passion for empowering young leaders of color begins with my own journey in Silicon Valley. I spent four years at a start-up - from a home office of 4 people to $55M in venture funding. For much of the journey, I was the only woman and person of color in business development. I contributed over 30% of the company's revenue. I never closed a business deal with a leader of color. 

This can change - at an even faster rate than we realize. The value of mentors and advisors is clear -- they provide us with concrete and often case-specific guidance. 

The role of the coach is subtly different -- we hold the space for our clients to generate their own solutions, examine their beliefs, and develop their own unique path to leadership. 



Anthony Vargas

Ph.D, Physics, Northeastern University

Mentor Coach, Accomplishment Coaching - Washington D.C.

I didn't always choose how my life would go. When I was younger, I focused on school like my parents wanted. I was taught that education and hard work was how we would move up in the world. That's because my parents were 1st generation Mexican immigrants who worked hard and sacrificed to create opportunities for their 3 sons. Dad left college to join the Marines and Mom worked at a bank after high school. So I went along and did what I was "supposed" to do. Graduate high school. Go to college. Go to graduate school. Get a good job. My parents still jump at the chance to introduce me to everyone as their "Son who has a physics PhD".

I love science and what it provides to humanity and as a way of viewing ourselves, the world, and our place in it. It is interesting and I'm good at it. But it didn't feel fulfilling or as impactful as I hoped. All the knowledge of the universe and all the powerful technology doesn't create fulfillment or happiness.

I discovered coaching and in it found a way I could make a difference for people, for my community, and the world as a whole. I want everyone to be thriving and living a life they can confidently say that they have chosen! A life that is fulfilling to them. And having a smartphone battery that lasts twice as long doesn't change the fear or self-doubt about your life.