Frequently Asked Questions



Coaching is an uncommon conversation that provides elevation above subject matter (consulting) and empowers the individual to develop awareness and actions that move their goals forward. 

Coaching may involve creative exercises as well that allows team members to work through challenges and obstacles. Coaching can promote a sense of accountability, ease and excitement for each member who has a new space in which to identify and develop goals.

how do i share colorup with my company?

Let's start with a consultation to identify what the potential value is and create an action plan together to connect with your company.


what does colorup offer?

ColorUp provides on-site and remote leadership coaching and training for D&I groups as well as individuals of color. We support people of color as they empower their leadership and build a community and ecosystem of peer support. 

how much does it cost?

ColorUp has a sliding scale offering based on the company profile and scope of coaching engagement. Nonprofits, we promise we can make it work! :)