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 Kana Hammon, Executive Director of YCore and Mercy Bell, Professional Coach

"Coaching pushed me to expand my vision for my nonprofit during my crucial first year as an Executive Director. [My coach] used her incredible listening skills and deep empathy to guide me toward insights that helped me redefine my role, and seek help from others, to increase my and my organization's capacity. She understood nonprofit and social justice work as well as the challenges of being a female, person-of-color leader. When I began working with her, I was afraid to think too big for fear of failure, yet felt discouraged and limited in what I could achieve. One year later, I am preparing to scale my organization across the country to achieve our mission of activating the next generation of young professional philanthropists."

-Kana Hammon, Executive Director of YCore


"I thought I simply had goals around career - and have since defined for myself new possibilities with family, friends and wellbeing. This work is challenging and exhilarating." - Antone Dias, Eclipse


Since working with a coach, I have completely shifted the way I approach setbacks, accomplishments and success.”


I think of coaching as a way to see what obstacles are really in the way of my leadership and continued growth. A coach is a neutral and objective partner who cares about my success and facilitates my next steps.