Fear of Failure

One of the pieces that inspired us creating ColorUp is a New York Times Op-Ed piece, entitled: "Conquering the Freshman Fear of Failure."

In the piece, David L. Kirp takes his time to walk us through the often paralyzing experience of undergraduates as they navigate the academic landscape. The impact is huge for minorities and first-generation students who experience the struggle to fit in. 

 Kirp also shares the impact of creating affirmative spaces where minorities were reminded of their potential, personal power, and opportunities:

"By the time they graduated, their grades were a third of a grade-point average point higher than their peers in the control group (the difference between B+ and A-), and they had halved the black-white achievement gap."

Ask any of those minorities or first-generation students (including us - we are them) and the common consensus is that it doesn't stop in college. The feeling of "not good enough" can continue for professionals and leaders in all industries. Creating spaces for empowerment and acknowledgment of growth can support better performance outcomes as well as wellbeing.