The Secret of a "Best" List

We created ColorUp as a way to empower emerging leaders of color and to recognize and support companies who have made a similar commitment. It often seems arbitrary how publishers create their list of "Best Companies" in the arena of diversity. Many turn to lists like Fortune's Best Workplaces for Diversity to see what companies to emulate - but what are the qualities of these organizations that make them award-winning? 

It's all in the feedback.

The methodologies used by reviewers like Fortune are steeped in the gathered data from employee surveys. It's the voice of the people at its best. 

One method by which to improve the interactivity of your team on subjects of diversity and inclusion is simple: ask. 

A step beyond is to offer value in return.  

Three strategies we see successful brands taking on:

1) Empower HR teams to build programs that deliver both feedback mechanisms and valuable services like coaching, mentoring, and professional development. 

2) Create an anonymous feedback system that is online and easy to access. 

3) Raise the visibility of internal groups that are governed by employees and People Ops/HR teams committed to the work of D&I. This creates additional space for employees to go to share their experiences and get supported.